CTMS Features


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 Audit Trail  – Recording the login time and user activity
  – Search function to the specific user
Attendance – Recording  worker attendance with information of time and location IN and OUT gate used. 
  – Hyperlink to Attendance page
Certificates – Allows user to upload the certificates into CTMS, then the certificates will available in Permit.
Checklist – CTMS has 90 type of safety checklist in the system
CTMS Form Module Toolbox Meeting
  Accident Report
  Incident Report
  Non-conformance Report
  CTMS Report – Project List Report
   – Worker List_Report
  – PTW Summary Overview
  – Summary Work Record 
  – User List report
  – Task Progress Report
  Toolbox Meeting List
  – Subcontractor Submission Summary Report By Project
  – Subcontractor Submission Summary Report
Dashboard charts – Chart for each Form modules with the Summary report on each form module
  – Allow user to check the submitted form by specific date range
Data Set Up – Allow user to manage the base data in CTMS
Designation – This feature is to create and setting worker designation based on the BCA Trade Classification
e-Permit To Work – Permit To Work – sample
EPSS Report – Report of manpower working hours with designation mapping
  – Report sample onesample two
Form Template – Master data of Form template
  – Allow user to setting up the workflow base on the requirement
General Setting – Allow user to edit the company logo, name, code, department, etc
Inventory Asset – Manage inventory assets
  – Qr code for user scanning. user able to scan the QR code even when do not log in CTMS
Languages – English (US)
  – Chinese (Simplified)
  – Japanesse
  – Bengali (Bangladesh)
  – Tamil
  – Bahasa
Notification – Your Notifications settings can be found on Dashboard Page.
Project Management – Manage Project Main Con
  – Manage Project Sub Con
  – Manage Project Form Templates
Project Roles – CTMS provides the user roles which is editable by Administrator. The roles are able to  be changed based on the user requirements
Punchlist Module – Allows user to submit punchlist checklist to specific subcontractor. The summary of submitted punchlist will showing at the dashboard
Progress Photo – To Search Project progress Photo album Click on 
  – Takes a photo of the construction site
  – Uploads to CTMS
Site Drawing Location – Site drawing showing the site plan and where is the PTW apply to .
Toolbox Meeting – The module containing form/permit which need to submitted by user prior start working
User Management – Search User
  – Add/Edit/Delete User
  – Reset Password
  – On leave Management
To Do List – Showing the outstanding form on current day
Tenancy – Multi Tenancy
Task – Task Information
Site Drawing Location – Site drawing showing the site plan and where is the PTW apply to .
Skype notification – CTMS provides the notification via Skype. This notification is for outstanding permit, rejected permit and revoked permit.
Worker Record Card – Worker Record Card is representation of attendance single worker with calculation of working hours and overtime hours.
Worker Management – Manage worker in the project, edit and remove worker data, and assign worker into project
Workers Assigmnet – Allows site supervisor to assign and re-assign worker to specific project
Workers module – Showing  worker list with its designation. This module also providing 3 reports, they are : Project Workers report, Monthly EPSS report, and Daily EPSS report.
Resource Requisition – The image below is the resource requisition process


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CTMS PTW and Checklists Summary

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