Nx Witness VMS

Advanced IP Video Management. Made Simple.
Nx Witness™ brings IP video management into the 21st century (where it belongs.)

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Revolutionary “Flex” UI.

In a world filled with traditional, stagnant user
interfaces the Nx Witness “Flex” user interface
brings a fresh new approach to configuring,
controlling, and monitoring IP Video systems.
With a single unified interface for administration
and monitoring Nx Witness gives users the
ability to interact quickly and meaningfully with
their IP video system.
Users can create and control an unlimited
number of custom tabbed layouts, create and
administer users, detect and control IP cameras,
search for and share video events, monitor and
troubleshoot system components, and more!
In short – Nx Witness has a unified interface for
unified management of all your IP video needs.

Built for Users

Nx Witness was concieved and created for
one purpose – usability.
Installation, setup, and system expansion is
simple and takes just minutes with instant
automatic camera and server discovery.
Drag & drop usability makes it easy to interact
with cameras, servers, and any local media file.
Multiple search options – keyword search, smart
motion search, time-slice preview search, and
calendar search make finding event video a
simple task.
Menus are intuitive and include helpful dialogues
for users who are configuring or managing the
system. A built-in context-sensitive help system
makes learning individual features easy to learn.

Painless to Maintain.

With free upgrades and one-click system-wide
updates Nx Witness makes maintaining your
IP Video system pain-free.
The cross-platform nature of Nx Witness –
with apps for Windows, Linux, MacOSX,
Android, iOS – means users can choose their
preferred storage and control hardware.
And with native support for any ONVIF profile S
device, any RTSP-enabled device, and even a
public SDK & API for integrating new devices and
interacting with different systems, Nx Witness
reduces initial total cost of ownership both in the
short and long-term.
End-users can also get direct manufacturer
help at http://support.networkoptix.com.

Construction Site Safety

Intelligent Security Management

Touch Cloud Intelligent Security System – People counting

Nx Witness™ IP Video Management Suite.

Advanced IP Video Management. Made Simple.

Watch the demo to see how.

Setup Made Simple.

Traditional IP Video Management software takes
hours, if not days, to set up. With automatic camera
and server discovery – and installers for Windows,
Linux, and Mac operating systems – Nx Witness
takes just minutes to download, install and
Nx Witness supports any ONVIF or RTSP-enabled
device. Users can detect, capture, and control
thousands of existing IP video capture devices.

Built for Users.

“I want to build software so simple my grandmother
can use it.” – Sergey Bystrov, CTO & Co-Founder.
Designed to be instantly usable, Nx Witness has a
revolutionary flexible drag & drop user interface that
has redefined how the industry approaches live
and recorded video management. Skip the training
– and save money and time – with Nx Witness.


Open for Developers.

NX Witness™ has a comprehensive SDK and API –
accessible at any time through the Nx Witness™
server web admin page.
– view & control any video stream via the SDK.
– integrate with any 3rd party system via the API.

No Pain to Maintain.

NX Witness™ has free upgrades for life, an online
support portal, and an industry-first one-click
system-wide upgrade features that makes keeping
your system up-to-date simple and painless.

Enterprise Features Come Standard.

Unlike our competitors, Nx Witness has consistent,
powerful features regardless of the size of system.
Enterprise features like Automatic Failover, EDGE
camera support, and Server Health Monitoring come
standard on every installation.

Free to Try.

Want to try out Nx Witness before you make a
decision? Download Nx Witness for free at
http://networkoptix.com today and get a free
30 day trial (all features included).

Nx Witness™ Version 2.3 Features

Supported Operating Systems.

– Windows XP or later.
– Ubuntu Linux 12.04 or later.
– Mac OSX 10.6 or later (client only)




Supported Devices & Manufacturers.


– Any ONVIF Profile S Device.
– Any RTSP video stream.
– Integrate any device with the Nx SDK.
– Most security surveillance brands already supported.
Acti, Arecontvision, Axis, Brickcom, Canon, Dahua,
Digital Watchdog, D-Link, Hikvision, IQinVision, ISD,
Sony, Stardot, Vista, Vivotek, and more.
– More brands and devices added on every release.


Unique Enterprise Features

No Single Point of Failure
– Connect to any server in the system to view the entire system..

Automatic Camera Failover
– Enable any server(s) as a failover server to create a high-reliability system.

Smart Search Options
– Use any search feature you prefer – smart motion, keyword(s), time-slice, or calendard to find and share



Universal Fisheye Dewarping
– Automatically or manually detect and dewarp anyfisheye lens – including panamorph lenses.

Advanced Video Export
– Export single or multiple video events into standard or executable format.

Server Health Monitoring
– Drag & Drop servers onto flexible grid interface to view CPU, network, memory, and HDD status.

One-Click System-Wide Updates
– Upgrade your entire system – servers & edge cameras with the click of a button.

No Single Point of Failure. Automatic Camera Failover. One-Click System Wide Upgrades.

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No Single Point of Failure.

Nx Witness’ Industry-first server-hive
architecture creates an IP Video Management
Platform where every single server continuously
synchronizes system information with every
other server in the system – including:
– System Configurations
– Server Settings
– Camera Settings
– User Rights
– Rules, Events, & Actions
With Nx Witness server hive archicture users can
connect to any system server at any time to view
and manage the entire system.



Automatic Camera Failover.

Another benefit of Nx Witness’ revolutionary
new server hive architecture is the system’s
ability to instantly recognize servers which
are no longer available – and then to quickly
adapt by moving cameras to another system
Users can configure which servers in their
system should act as faillover servers – and
which servers should not.
Best of all Automatic Camera Failover – a feature
which costs tens of thousands of dollars in
competitive solutions – is absolutely free
in Nx Witness.

One Click System-Wide Updates.

Yet another amazing first-in-the-industry feature
from Nx Witness enabled by a server hive
architecture is One-Click System-Wide Updates.
Perhaps the most challenging part of maintaining
an IP Video Management platform is managing
the update process. Traditionally for users with
multiple sites or large systems this process can
take days or weeks and cost thousands of dollars
and hundreds of man hours to complete.
With Nx Witness users are able to upgrade their
entire system – no matter the size or locations –
with the click of a button.


Nx Server Hive Architecture.
A revolutionary new approach.

One Click System Wide Updates

System Administrators can connect to the
Nx Witness system – either remotely or locally –
and upgrade their entire system with the click
of a button – saving money and increasing
the ability to adop the latest technology as it
is released.

Automatic Camera Failover.

In the instance of a server hardware failure Nx Witness
automatically migrates cameras from the failed server
to an available failover server – making sure system
cameras are always online and always recording.

No Single-Point of Failure.

Nx Witness users can connect to any available
server – locally or remotely – to view and manage
their Nx Witness system.