Case Study

Case Study


Case One

A case study which focused on Magnificent Seven was recently done by the National Cloud Computing Office (NCCO) in efforts to creating awareness for cloud computing. The aim is to advance cloud adoption and development of cloud computing ecosystem in Singapore so as to sharpen its overall economic competitiveness and enhance the growth and vibrancy of the Singapore infocomm sector.

Magnificent Seven Corporation Pte Ltd is an established construction company which has served the regional market for more than 20 years. From plumbing and sanitary works, to hotel buildings and public works, the company has grown in size and scope of projects handled. To prepare for future growth in the industry, Magnificent Seven needed a more efficient system of handling project elements: manpower, job schedules, communication, as well as inventory management—all on the go. However, with the present labour crunch, the company had to juggle more variables in running its operations, including the variable levels of human error. Magnificent Seven needed a way to optimise operational efficiency and accuracy—fast.


Case Two

ePTW System for Straits Construction.