What is EMS ?

    EMS is a web-based application , EMS capture instrumentation and tunneling information extracted from geotechnical instrumentation devices into a single repository for the purpose of analysis, operational, monitoring, information, dissemination, reporting, and construction planning. It achieves greater productivity, efficiency and improve effectiveness in contruction management.

  • We use google maps for monitoring the place from your excavation project.
  • You can upload Geotechnical Instrument and Excavation Activity and Integrate with Maps.
  • We use map layer technology and master data management to improve monitoring system.
  • Administrative feature to manage users, roles, contract, and contractor.
  • Recorded system logs for tracking excavation activity and documentation the process.

  • Analysis data and view the analysis with chart and data table analysis result.
  • Analysis for critical structure data, failed data, and data with specific variable for analysis.
  • Analysis big data with algorithm for make best result from data monitoring.
  • Instrument with contour line profile and integrate with map.
  • You can analysis or calculate distance, area, and zone with google maps drawing feature.

Big Data Analysis

  • We use ANN algorithm to process and analysis the data from EMS.
  • The system is built with scalable data processing and big data analysis include there.
  • Big Data Analysis used to improve accuracy from data processing.
  • Stable information is based on the data, so big data analysis is very important.
  • Big data has the potential to help companies improve operations and make faster, more intelligent decisions.

Useful Alert

  • Breached level data alert
  • Missing data alert
  • Strain Gauge got big change alert
  • Water standpipe got big drop alert
  • Sudden changes in slurry pressure alert
  • Increasing rate of settlement/wall displacement that are out of ordinary alert
  • Using email and sms for alerting critical structure data, failed data, and another alert variable


  • Management Report for Instrumentation Monitoring with daily/weekly summary report
  • Report for Management Instrument Monitoring Contract
  • Progress Report of Cut and Cover Excavation
  • Customizable Report(You can customized the report template for what data do you need to take)
  • Report Scheduler (You can generate the report by schedule and you can filter data by contact)
  • Report data filtered by instrument, date time, and report type and support google maps feature
  • Generating report with pdf, excel, and word file type for portable documentation