Welcome to Construction Management System (CTMS) information site! This site gives an overview on what CTMS is about, how can it be applied, how it can solve problems.

Construction Management System (CTMS) is a mobile construction project management solution that also serves as a communication and coordination tool for various groups involved on a construction project.

It improves productivity through the automation of manual processes such as: data collection, processing, submission, approval, and billing. It also assists with meeting regulatory requirements through providing standard templates for compliance and reporting to the Building Construction Authority. This helps to reduce wastage due to having re-work errors made. This improves productivity and frees up resources to perform more value-add work such as focusing on sales and service delivery to customers.

Magicsoft’s tool has a high degree of business innovation, with the potential to drive a large amount of productivity and automation benefits to the SME construction sector. For example, their system will enable site engineers to collect and manage on-site data through their mobile devices.

The updates will be then reflected in their web-based system in real time, providing project managers with up to date visibility of project progress, so that they can quickly deal with any issues, and closely monitor activities to make sure they are completed on time and to budget.

We hope this site will provide our readers sufficient information to comprehend how CTMS can be applicable in their company. If you have further enquires, please go to contact us.


CTMS – A Platform of Big Data Solution