Data Scheduler System

The data stored in mobile devices (eg Pocket PC) or PC, transferred to web server through wireless network(eg GRPS/3G) or intenet connection. The users can view the data in report format from the web systeData. Report can be generated from the website and downloadable to thier PC. However, if the user will have to generate reports from the web system every day, it becomes a routine works. With Data Scheduling Module, the report which contains the latest data (like last 24 hours) is sent to user via email automatically at a preset period.



Key Features

• Users able to define when the report being sent
• Type of report formats can be pre-selected before sending
• Timing of sending can be flexible, like once a day or once a week
• There is security control in setting of scheduling the reports


• Save time in download various reports from website
• The email contains reports can be saved as a soft copy for future reference
• Size of data being sent to user is flexible
• Users can view multiple reports at one go with an email

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