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CTMS is a cloud-based construction management system in which people from the industry can manage the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion to increase productivity and work automation. It serves as a communication and coordination tool for various groups involved on a construction project to improve productivity through the automation of manual processes such as: data collection, processing, submission, approval and billing. More importantly, it assists in meeting regulatory requirements through providing standard templates for compliance and reporting to the authority.


For demonstration purposes, there are 2 fictitious projects (Aquaville Residences & Indoville Heights) created to illustrate the application of a Permit to Work system. You are able to switch between projects to perform the relevant submissions.


Please login with the following roles for their respective responsibilities:

  • Workplace Safety & Health Supervisor (WSHS)

(To conduct toolbox meetings and apply PTW before the start of any work.)

Login: wshs

Password: Wshs@123

  • Workplace Safety & Health Officer

(To review submissions of Toolbox Briefings, assess PTW and conduct inspections.)

Login: wsho

Password: 123456

  • Project Manager

(To approve submitted PTW and conduct inspections.)

Login: pm

Password: 123456


The following are the 3 typical forms that are utilised to ensure a basic workplace safety & health practice in compliance with Ministry of Manpower’s requirement to ensure safe execution of work onsite.

  • Daily Toolbox Briefing (DTB)

(Utilises BIM and CCTV as well as geolocation to provide evidence of location of submission.)

  1. WSH Supervisor conducts the meeting and submits the DTB form.
  2. WSH Officer will review the submission.
  3. Project Manager(s) can view the submissions any time.
  • Permit To Work (PTW)

(Utilises BIM and CCTV as well as geolocation to provide evidence of location of submission.)

  1. Supervisor/WSH Supervisor applies PTW before work starts.
  2. WSH Officer will assess the submission.
  3. Project Manager to approve the submission.
  • Checklist
  1. WSH Officer/Project Manager conducts and submits inspection checklist.
  2. Supervisor/WSH Supervisor can view the submitted checklists.

Other forms that are available include the following:

  1. Incident Report
  2. Investigation Report
  3. Non-Conformance Report
  4. Punchlist
  5. iObserve




EMS is an Excavation and Tunnel Monitoring Solution that helps project managers capture instrumentation information extracted from geotechnical instrumentation devices into a single repository for the purpose of analysis, operational monitoring, information dissemination, reporting and construction planning so as to achieve greater productivity, efficiency and improve effectiveness in construction management.



Password: 123456abc

For demonstration purposes, this system illustrates the application on the construction of a station in the Thomson-East Coast Line project. The viewer is able zoom in on the various instruments that have been put in place to monitor various geotechnical problems. Information is extracted from the instruments and put into easily readable format for geotechnical experts to analyse and assess the near real-time status of the project site for safety management.