Data Alert System

Data Alert System

The Alert Module which integrated into the applications we developed offers the following features. The data transferred to web server is validated by the alert module. If it fails the conditions, the alert message will be triggered immediately.

• While data being transferred from remote terminal (PC/Pocket PC, datalogger, special device) to web server, the alert module validate the data. If the value is above upper limit or lower limit, the triggering event is then activated.
• Once it is triggered, the alert modules will send SMS/Email/MMS to revalent parties.

Key Features

• The alert module alerts users through email, SMS, MMS (multimedia message services)
• It is an event driven system and the driven event can be defined by user
• It allows user to define the senders when the event trigger
• The trigger events are grouped into 3 conditions, data limits, frequency of alert and rate of changes


• Users are alerted anytimes when the transferred data triggers the alert conditions
• Users can view the alert message (SMS,MMS,email)which contains information of the transferred data with photo if available
• Users can define method of alert, like SMS, MMS or email through website
• The alert message by SMS and MMS can reach users any where any time if the users carry its phone device

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