CTMS has 51 type of safety checklist in the system, the safety inspector would have to complete the checklist according to the requirements. These checklist are based on the requirements by the Ministry Of Manpower (MOM).

The 51 types of checklist are:

1. Accident Analysis 
2. Control of Non-Conformance/Incident 
3. First Day Safety Check 
4. Inspection Checklist of Formwork Structure 
5. Checklist of Inspection of Mobile Crane Access 
6. Monthly Checking by Crane Operator 
7. Safety Inspection Checklist 
8. Weekly Environmental, Health and Safety Inspection 
9. Permit to Work 
10. Gondola Inspection Checklist Gondola Inspection Checklist PDF
11. Safety Checklist For Arc Welding & Gas Cutting Safety Checklist For Arc Welding & Gas Cutting PDF
12. Safety Checklist for Abrasive Blasting Safety Checklist For Abrasive Blasting PDF
13. Lifting Operation Safety Checklist Lifting Operations Safety Checklist PDF
14. Safety Checklist For Machine Preventive Maintenance Safety Checklist For Machine Preventive Maintenance PDF
15. Safety Checklist For Electrical Work Safety Checklist For Electrical Work PDF
16. Safety Checklist For Flammables And Combustibles Safety Checklist For Flammables And Combustibles PDF
17. Checklist For DC Submission – Private / Public Building Developments Checklist For DC Submission – Private / Public Building Developments PDF
18. Checklist For Pre-Consultation Checklist For Pre-Consultation PDF
19. Checklist For BP Submission – Private / Public Building Developments Checklist For BP Submission – Private / Public Building Developments PDF
20. Internal Audit Checklist Internal Audit Checklist PDF
21. Safety Checklist For Power Tools & Equipment Safety Checklist For Power Tools & Equipment PDF
22. Safety Checklist For Working In Confined Space Safety Checklist For Working In Confined Space PDF
23. Safe Electrical Maintenance Work Checklist Safe Electrical Maintenance Work PDF
24. Safe Handling of Loads Checklist Safe Handling of Loads PDF
25. Safe Storage of Chemicals Checklist Safe Storage of Chemicals PDF
26. Safe Use of Ladders Checklist Safe Use of Ladders PDF
27. Slips, Trips and Falls Checklist Slips, Trips and Falls PDF
28. Safety Checklist For Working With Chemicals Safety Checklist For Working With Chemicals PDF
29. Safety Management System Audit Inspection Checklist Safety Management System Audit Inspection Checklist PDF
30. Working Safely at Heights Checklist Working Safely at Heights PDF
31. Working Safely with Machines Checklist Working Safely with Machines PDF
32. 2SD V11 Self Declaration Form 2SD V11 Self Declaration Form PDF
33. PPE Inspection Checklist PPE Inspection Checklist PDF
34. Lifting Supervisor Inspection Checkist Lifting Supervisor Inspection Checkist PDF
35. Daily ESH Inspection ChecklistDaily ESH Inspection Checklist PDF
36. General Safety Inspection Checklist – Flood Infusion TreatmentGeneral Safety Inspection Checklist – Flood Infusion Treatment PDF
37. General Safety Inspection Checklist – WatherprofiingGeneral Safety Inspection Checklist – Watherprofiing PDF
38. In-House Rules & RegulationIn-House Rules & Regulation PDF
39. Personal Protective Equipment RecordPersonal Protective Equipment Record PDF
40. Worker Quarter Room ChecklistWorker Quarter Room Checklist PDF
41. Risk AssessmentRisk Assessment PDF
42. Site Environmental Control ReportSite Environmental Control Report PDF 
43. Incident Investigation ReportIncident Investigation Report PDF
44. Project Housekeeping and Mosquito Inspection ChecklistProject Housekeeping and Mosquito Inspection Checklist PDF
45.  Audit Report CartAudit Report Cart PDF
46. ECM Inspection ReportECM Inspection Report PDF
47. Daily MEWP Inspection ChecklistDaily MEWP Inspection Checklist PDF
48. EHS Training RecordEHS Training Record PDF
49. EHS Inspection ReportEHS Inspection Report PDF
50. Incident Investigation ReportIncident Investigation Report PDF
51. Incident ReportIncident Report PDF 

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The image below is an example of a safety inspection checklist



Once completed, these checklists will be uploaded into the CTMS server. Once uploaded, permitted users can view the checklist.