First Day At Work

First Day At Work

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INSTRUCTIONS In order to maintain our required standard of EHSS at the site, you are required to abide by our basic EHSS rules at all times within our site. This requirement will not free you of your obligations to follow local statutory stipulations on safety and health as and when required when they apply.


1 All workers on site must follow instructions by Foremen/ Supervisors.

2 All workers must use safety helmet with chin strap and standard safety shoes/ boots at all times.

All workers must wear and anchor their safety belts/ harnesses when working at height.

Other protective equipment must be worn and used correctly as and when necessary.

3 All workers must refrain from smoking whilst working. Smoking is allowed at canteens and designated areas only.

4 All workers must participate in the daily/ weekly housekeeping so as to maintain site cleanliness at all times.

5 All workers must strictly abide and comply with all existing EHSS rules and requirement.

6 All workers must maintain tools and equipment issued in a safe working condition and report defects to the Supervisor immediately for corrective actions.

7 All workers will report any hazardous conditions or unsafe acts to the Supervisor.

8 All workers must report any accident or dangerous occurrence without delay to his Supervisor for necessary actions.

9 All workers must understand the need to conserve the environment and to follow instructions necessary to ensure the same.

10 All workers must be responsible for taking reasonable care for the health and safety of oneself and of others who may be affected by what he does or fails to do at work.

11 All workers must understand that failure to work safely or follow safe work practices will result in disciplinary actions including expulsion from site.

Name of Worker : test

Company : Magicsoft Asia

NRIC/ FIN No. : test

Signature :

Trade : test

Date : 09/08/2018

The above instructions are translated and explained to above worker by : test 09/08/2018

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Note : This form is to be completed and signed by every worker after attending the EHSS Induction Course