Thermal Imaging Camera

Do you need to monitor works that deal with high temperatures or check that someone entering your premises is not having a high fever? How about trying to detect if there are intruders lurking around your premises in the dark?

thermal screen

With our customised thermal imaging solution, you will be able to monitor such situations and more that are hard to detect with typical CCTV cameras.



Timely alerts can also be sent out to relevant personnel so that immediate corrective action can be taken to avoid costly repercussions.

thermal camera setup

Applicable situations include:

  • Hot work activities at industrial locations
  • Survey temperature of people to check if they might be sick
  • Security surveillance for intruders in the dark
  • Detect overheating of equipment
  • Monitor leakages of hot gases


Our professional installers will be on site to install and set up the thermal camera solution.

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