IP-based portable outdoor CCTV monitoring system

We offer customised IP-based portable outdoor CCTV monitoring system using state of the art video management software allowing you to have surveillance anywhere you require it.


Access your CCTV cameras on mobile app or desktop application.

  • High definition PTZ cameras
  • Remote Monitoring with full control over your cameras
  • 4G Streaming to the Cloud
  • Cloud storage for your closed circuit videos

Completely solar powered


Video analytics can be used to perform to detect intruders or count the people that pass through a specific area.

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Our professional installers will be on site to install and guide your workers to deploy the CCTV substations.

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*Touch Cloud ( One of Magicsoft’s business parter in Taiwan) attend the Exhibition – Intel AI/IOT TECHNOLOGY Exhibition to introduce CTMS (Construction site safety solution). Visit here for more details.