Inspection Checklist of Formwork Structure

Inspection Checklist of Formwork Structure
Incident Date: 
Inspected by: 



1. Design

Design by competent person/QP: 
Drawing sufficient in detail for construction: 
Adequate diagonal and horizontal braces in the design: 
Design checked by Construction Manager/Project Manager: 
Copy of drawing extended fro Formwork Supervisor: 


2. Erection

Material used in adequate in strength: 
Form constructed to accordance to design: 

Forms adequately braced or tied to maintain shape               

and position (with props, tie back):

Forms effectively secured to the shoring system: 


3. Shoring

Shoring system in good condition and in adequate size:        
Spacing of members and bracing is as designated: 

Shoring rests on firm and uniform footing:

Proper access provided for inspection: 


4. Supervision and Inspection

Erection supervised by designated person:                              


5. Stripping

Commence only after concrete is set:                                        

Reshoring provided to support slabs 

and beams after stripping: