Our attendance typically comes with the biometric system where the worker would have to tap a card and scan their fingerprint so that to take the attendance of the worker.

Together with the biometric system, CTMS provides a feature for recording attendance. CTMS would record the time the attendance was taken, as well as whether the worker was checking in or out of the construction site.

More information about Biometric System

Let’s take a look at and example.

Worker Sandy Lu has just arrived at the site. She taps her card and scan her fingerprint onto the biometric device.Her attendance will be recorded down and reflected in the system.


After work, before she leaves the site, she taps her card and scans her thumbprint again and it will be recorded in the system that she is checked out. 


Green box and orange box indicates that she is checked in and checked out respectively. The number is the box displays the time. The supervisor may choose to upload photo together with the attendance sheet.

This is briefly how attendance taking works. Other devices may be used instead of the biometric system depending on the company’s requirements. Click here for more information about the biometric system.

The Image below is the a summary of the attendance module