Streamline the process

Administrative feature to manage the Users for Authority and Contractors

Recorded System Logs Activity

Map Layer Management

Google Map Integration

Support DGN and Shp file and integrate with the Google Map

Upload Site Investigation Profile information with ETMS format ( adopted AGS Standard )

Upload Geotechnical Instrument with ETMS format

Upload Contruction Activity with ETMS format

Upload Mined Tunnel Shift Report with ETMS format

Upload Mined Tunnel Sequence report with ETMS format

Upload MC Excavation Activity



Strong Analysis

Correlation analysis between settlement and Piezometer instrument type

Correlation analysis for rate of settlement or Movement vs Time

Correlation analysis for Settelement vs depth Inclinometer with Excavation analysis

Settlement Profile for Critical Structure

Cross-sectional views/chart on strut monitoring with various instruments for Excavation

Cross sectional views for Excavation and compare actual movement with designed & measured values

Instrument with Contour Line Profile

Longitudinal Soil Profile along Tunnel Route



  • Breached level data alert
  • Missing data alert
  • Strain Gauage got big change alert
  • Water standpipe got big drop alert
  • Suddent changes in slurry pressure alert
  • Increasing rate of settlement/wall displacement that are out of ordinary alert


  • Management Report for Instrumentation Monitoring with daily/weekly summary report
  • Report for Management Instrument Monitoring Contract
  • Progress Report of Cut and Cover Excavation
  • Customizable Report
  • Report Scheduler

feature-5TBM ( Tunnel Boring Machine) integration

Management Report for TBM Monitoring

Predict ground settlement correlated with TBM Excavation

Longitudinal Surface Settlement Profile along Tunnel Route

Report Settlement Profile for Tunnel Operation

21 Instruments Types


Ground Water Standpipe (SP)

Ground Water (Casagrande)(SPIE)

Ground Water (Vibrating Wire)(EPIE)

Ground Water (Pneumatic)(PPIE)

Magnetic Extensometer ( ETM)

Rod Extensometer (ETR)

Heave Stake (HS)

Inclinometer (ICM)

Soil Pressure Cell (PC)

Level Point (MSET) T

ilt Meter (Portable Type)(TMU)

XYZ Prism (TM)

Tape Extensometer (ETT)

Vibration Meter (VM)

Electro- Level Beam (ELB)

Tilt Meter ( sensor Type)(TMS)

Crack Meters (Avongaurd)(CMA)

Crack Meters (Wire Extensometer)(CME)

Thermistor (Temperature Sensors)(TP)

Strain Gauge (SG)

Load Cell (Strain Gauge 1-6 Reading )(LC)