MAP 3 one

Correlation Analysis (Settlement vs Piezometer)

corrleation analysis (settlement vs prizometer) 1

correlation analysis (settlement vsv piezometer) 2

correlation analysis (settlement vs  piezometer) 3

Correlation Analysis (Settlement vs Location of Tunnel with pre-determined review level)

settlement analysis (tunnel) 2

settlement analysis (tunnel)

Correlation Analysis (Settlement vs depth of Excavation with pre-defined review levels)

correlation analysis (settle vs... review level) 2 correlation analysis (settle vs... review level) 1

Correlation Analysis ( Rate of Settlement vs Time)

settlement vs time 1 settlement vs time 2

Settlement Profile for Critical Structure

settlement profile 1 settlement profile 2

Settlement Profile for Tunnel Operation

tunnel operation

Designed movement vs measurement movement for inclinometer


incliometer 2

Longitudinal Surface Settlement Profile along Tunnel Route

tunnel route 2 tunnel route

Longitudinal Soil Profile along Tunnel Route

long soil

Cross-Sectional views on struct monitoring with various instruments for excavation

cross section...excavation

Cross-Sectional views with various instruments for tunnel

instrument for tunnel

instrument for tunel 2

graph for instrument of tunnel

Contour Line Profile

contour lines profile

contour lines

Predict ground settlement correlated with TBM Excavation (2D)

  Predict 2D Predict 2D 2 Predict 2D 3

Predict ground settlement correlated with TBM Excavation (3D)

  3D 3D 2 3D 3