Discover the one-stop solution to your project requirements. Featuring  digitised and focused safety processes, project management, quality assurance and visitor management.

WSH PEER is a web-based, modular and responsively designed solution by Magicsoft Asia Systems aimed at providing the highest quality of safety management, project management, quality assurance and visitor management.

Our digitised process and workflow engine ensures that safety at high risk work areas can be managed through our Permit To Work module which utilises multi-tiered and customisable prerequisite checking accompanied by daily checklists before work can begin. Workplace safety is further improved with our HSSE Inspection module, providing a platform for inspectors to carry out consistent and detailed inspections of workplace process and documentations before proceeding with analysis and raising rectifications.

High risk workplace often comes with the need for exceptional qualities in deliverables. PEER’s Site Inspection and RE/RTO module provides our clients with a platform to perform consistent and rigorous quality checks, allowing them to inspect, analyze and carry out rectification, preventing compromised deliverables from being used and affecting the entire project.

PEER is equipped with a Project Management module which includes the capability to manage multiple projects, allowing ease of big data sharing through different projects, preventing the need to create similar data continuously whenever a new project is created. The module also includes dashboards with infographs, displaying important and customisable statistics which helps our client perform project analysis. The Calendar feature also assists our clients with keeping track of their project progress by displaying work being carried out on a day to day basis.

Software security is an absolute priority to us. PEER protects our client online information through security features such as 2 Factor Authentications and Role Based Access Control systems, preventing unauthorised access to PEER and crucial information leak

PEER is also designed with the User Experience in mind, providing features such as personalised notifications,  bulk uploads and manpower management, helping our clients and their users reduce their workload, saving time and effectively increasing business profit.

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